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Make Christmas special and everlasting in their heart by considering the wonderful and distinguished world of unusual Christmas gifts. Are you looking for unusual Christmas gift ideas for the slightly atypical person in your life? Fear not. We have an irresistible range of unusual gifts for Christmas available – from spoof magazines to fragranced candles – just perfect for the festive period!

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We've found 144 gift ideas
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We've found 144 gift ideas

From November onwards, it’s hard not to notice the coloured lights and evergreen trees adorning many town centres and shops, not to mention the shiny decorations and artificial snow painted on shop windows.

Shopping centres become ram-packed as December approaches, and wherever you go, you hear “The Little Drummer Boy” or “Do They Know it’s Christmas” screeching through the air. And quite frankly, it’s giving you ear ache rather than the “Christmas spirit.”

There are over 2.1 billion Christians in the world and at least 1 out of every 3 people in the world celebrate Christmas each year. Would you believe there are nearly 60 million Christmas trees grown in Europe every year? And that the world’s tallest tree stood at an enormous 221 feet high in a Washington shopping mall, back in 1950?

And, of course, let’s not forget the Christmas presents. Did you know if Santa were to deliver all the world’s prezzies on Christmas Eve, he’d have to visit 822 homes a second and travel at 650 miles a second? He’d burn a lot of calories and scoffing his face with mince pies would certainly be no skin off his nose.

The tradition of giving gifts on this merry-making season is courtesy of the Magi, A.K.A the three wise men, who came from the east of Jerusalem to greet baby Jesus in the manger with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

Unsurprisingly during this celebratory season, TV and radio adverts are imploring you to buy unusual Christmas gifts, and every high street you walk down, you’re met by brightly-coloured banners and posters emblazoned with: “buy unique Christmas gifts here! Unusual gifts for Christmas in store NOW!” Your head starts spinning. “What shall I get Aunty Susan? Mum, Dad, colleagues, bosses and clients?”


There is a solution, ladies and gents. Save yourself those madding crowds and the high-street traipsing. Take the easy route – do your Crimbo shopping online instead. Get loveable, memorable, clever, convenient and totally unique gifts for Christmas right here!

How about adopting your own reindeer? Or sing your way to the headlines in a spoof Christmas No. 1 newspaper. You can even send a letter from Santa to your kiddie before he delivers his gifts.

Now here’s an idea: Treemendous Christmas cards. You can send a real, living evergreen tree to a special someone, which can be potted and nurtured to grow!

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