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Original Newspapers 4.8 5 306 306
50th Birthday Present Excellent quality and speedy delivery Will order form you again 21 August 2014
Genuine Newspaper Great gift for a special birthday. Have not given it yet as date has not arrived, but I know the recipient will be thrilled with it. Comes in a very nice gift box, wrapped in tissue paper and a certificate of authenticity with your own personal message on it. Delighted I made this purchase. 14 August 2014
A unique gift The newspapers I purchased were from the days our daughter and son-in-law were born. I picked out various news items, what was on the TV and theatre along with the sports pages and adverts for my "father of the bride" speech. Everybody said that it was a great idea and some asked to have a look at the papers before they were handed to the bride and groom as a reminder of the days they were born. It really was a unique gift and very well received. 12 August 2014
Years news paper Very happy with product. Will be a returning customer 12 August 2014
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Original Gift Newspapers

We offer original newspapers from the date of your choice, an ideal gift for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Our archive of gift newspapers are genuine, old newspapers – not copies. We certify each original gift newspaper as authentic.

Personalised Newspaper Gifts

All of our newspaper gifts come with a personalised Certificate of Authenticity. These certificates can be personalised with the name of the recipient, the occasion being celebrated, as well as a personal message. Personalising the Certificate enhances the very special appeal of this personalised newspaper gift. You will be able to personalise your certificate during the order process, when buying your Anniversary or Birthday Newspaper, and can preview the certificate to ensure that you are completely happy with it, before you purchase your personalised newspaper gift.

Old Newspapers

Our newspaper collection is very old, and some are very rare. We even have an old newspaper from 1685. Although we have newspapers for most dates going back over 200 years, most of the old newspapers we sell are from the last 100 years, because they are bought as a gift newspaper for someone’s birthdate or anniversary. In 2006 we did supply an old commemorative newspaper to celebrate someone’s 110th birthday!

Newspaper Archive

We have now assembled a collection of over 6 million archive gift newspapers, which are stored in our newspaper archive near Wigtown, in south-west Scotland. These old archive newspapers have been purchased over the years from libraries, goverrnment departments and universities, who have traditionally kept an archive of historic newspapers, but no longer had the space to do so. Rather than see these old newspapers destroyed, they were collected into an archive of gift newspapers to be sold as birthdate newspapers, or to celebrate an anniversary. Our newspaper archive in Scotland is perfect environment to preserve an old newspaper, because archive newspapers need to be stored in dark damp environments. An old newspaper need to retain moisture, to avoid it drying out and becoming brittle. Our coastal location near Wigtown, is perfect to store our historic newspaper archive because of the dampness in the atmosphere.

Birthday and Anniversary Gift Newspapers

A Birthday Newspaper or Anniversary Newspaper makes a very special gift because it can have real personal resonance with the recipient, as it will be from the actual date they were born or married. This gives the gift a special meaning to the recipient, as it will bring back memories from their wedding day or give an insight as to what was happening in the world on the day they were born. This can make a birthday newspaper a very rewarding personal gift offering.

Many of our birth date newspapers are bought for ‘special’ birthdays, like a 40th, 50th or 60th birthday, as our old historic newspapers are seen as a very meaningful birthday gift.

Our Anniversary Newspapers also make popular anniversary gifts, and are particularly sought after for Silver, Ruby and Golden wedding anniversaries. Anniversary Newspapers are also bought for a ‘first anniversary’, which is the Paper Anniversary. We offer a special Anniversary Newspaper Presentation Folder, which contains an original old newspaper from a couple’s wedding date, as well as a newspaper from each partner’s birthdate.