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National Pet Month: Pet vs. Partner Gifting

To celebrate national pet month we put on our party hats and decided to take a look at how people celebrate their pets through special occasions and holidays, and the rivalry between pets and partners. You may be surprised at the results!

The numbers we dug up confirm our pets are paws-itively ruling the roost, with the vast majority of owners considering that their pets bona-fide members of the family! We wouldn’t leave a member of the family out of a special occasion, and it would appear pet owners are pampurring their pets with special gifts at Christmas, birthdays, and even on Valentine’s Day!


Easter Egg Count Competition

Just in time for Easter, we’ve launched an eggs-cellent competition. Let’s get the egg rolling...

The Easter Bunny (from our very own Personalised Easter Bunny Book, which was written and designed in-house, should we add!) has been hiding delicious Easter eggs in the woods (see picture below). All you have to do is tell us how many Easter eggs there are in the image to be in with a chance of winning some uber eggs-citing prizes, worth over £150.

Email your answer to: win@gonedigging.co.uk. Just make sure you get your answer in before midnight Monday 21st April 2014.


National Pet Month: the Top Five Gifts for Furry Fashionistas

Calling all pet lovers... from 1st April to 5th May, it’s National Pet Month. Hundreds of folks up and down the country will be celebrating life with their furry friends, spreading the word on responsible pet ownership or raising money for their favourite charity in fun-filled events.

We do pretty well in the realm of personalised pet and animal gifts. Here are our top five pressies, all of which would be purrrrrrfect for any pet...

1.) Personalise Dog Collar

If you want your dog to look uber dapper, why not dress them up in an eye-catching leather dog collar, complete with their name? It’s a “mutt-have” for any classy canine.


Throwback Thursday: 2009 Playlist

GoneDigging launched a few years ago, back in 2009 to be exact. To celebrate a whole five years of "GoneDigging-ness", we thought it was about time we put together some of the tunes we love from that year. What were your favourite songs of 2009? We'd love to hear from you - in fact, better yet, add some songs yourself to our playlist. The more the merrier :)

So, every Thursday, we'll compile a few of our fave tunes from yesteryear - but make sure you add to our playlist too.


Anniversary Ideas to Reinforce that Special Bond

Why not make this year’s anniversary with your hubby or wifey super special with new memories and shared experiences? We’ve put together a few new and different ways you can spend time together as a couple. New experiences strengthen the shared bond you already have and create strong, new memories.

Think back to the most significant memories you have at the mo with your spouse and imagine what new ones you can make...

When you’re relishing in your chosen anniversary activity, be sure to keep your cool and treat your lover like a king or queen. For one day (at least!), leave all arguments and day-to-day stuff behind. Just celebrate your relationship.


April Fools’ Day Pranks

It's April 1st, which means one thing – April Fools’ Day. Now’s the time to start planning your April Fools’ Day prank – no foolin’.

While it’s not clear as to the origins of this fun-loving holiday, many folks anticipate the annual event and get great satisfaction in planning plots and schemes days or months beforehand in order to pull off the perfect prank.

Whether you stick to classics like the whoopee cushion or oldies like “pull my finger”, some pranksters go to great extremes to come up with intricate tricks, plots, jokes and wind-ups to pull on unsuspecting loved ones, from colleagues, to partners, to friends, to parents.


How to Celebrate a Special Year Birthday

Let’s face it. All birthdays are special, but there are some that are more special than others. There are eighteenths and twenty-first birthdays – where you finally feel like you’ve hit adulthood. Then there are those ending in the big zero, the ones that really make you feel the passage of time.

You can celebrate your loved one’s milestone birthday via two ways – kindly or comically. If you take the humorous approach, bear in mind your guest of honour ought to have a sense of humour. Essentially, the purpose of the party, like any other birthday party, is to make your friend or relative feel cherished and loved. The last thing you’d want to do is depress them about hitting a landmark birthday with old age jokes and gags if they don’t really have a funny bone. Proceed with caution and consider the following ideas…


International Day of Happiness: What Makes Us Happy

It’s International Day of Happiness today. It’s perhaps the most universal human yearning: to be happy. But this simplest of goals so often eludes us. We’re not awfully good, we humans, at knowing what we want.

So what makes you happy? Automatically, you’d have no problem suggesting a new car, less body fat, a higher-paying job, a lottery win, a better marathon time, and so on.

Surprisingly, materialistic things rarely determine long-term happiness. Cars, expensive clothes, gadgets and gizmos are all very nice, but they might not actually improve long-term happiness. Happiness, in fact, is determined by innate factors and perceptions, as well as experiences.


It's Nearly National Stationery Week!

Even though we live in a high-tech, futuristic era, there’s still power in the written note rather than the digital message – it shouts “this is personal”.

It’s believed words are our infinite source of magic, capable of inflicting injury and remedying it. Whether you’re taking down a telephone message for a workmate or leaving a note on a loved one’s suitcase, a handwritten note packs a lot of punch to get your message across.

Whether it’s a quill, ink and scroll, a fountain-penned postcard or a 140-character tweet, the true fundamentals of writing are unwavering. Think of how amazing it feels to receive a birthday card from a parent, a text from a loved one or a love letter from a spouse. It feels pretty special, right? Spreading written messages of affection, optimism and companionship can make someone’s day in a heartbeat, no matter what platform we choose to spread it on.


15 Less Ordinary Mother’s Day Gifts

Take it from us: a box of chocolates, a ‘night off cooking’ voucher, a selection of mops or a month’s supply of washing up liquid really aren't going to cut it, let alone give you the 'Child of the Year' award.

Mother’s Day isn’t far away at all, so you’ve got a few weeks to find her a special, personal pressie that should – if anything – get you on the shortlist for that infamous award.

What you’ve got here is a selection of our Mother’s Day besties, all of which range from sentimental, to funny, to heartfelt – you’ll definitely earn yourself a few gold stars.


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