Experience an Incredible Adrenaline Rush

In 1987, Auckland-born daredevil, A.J. Hackett, jumped from the top of the Eiffel Tower using just an elastic bungee cord for safety. His amazing stunt caught the world’s attention and extreme sports, such as bungee jumping, enjoyed a boom in popularity. There is now a vast array of extreme sports and adrenaline activities on offer, which involve speed, height or intense physicality. These thrilling gift experiences test the thin line between fear and exhilaration. They are invigorating days out that will never be forgotten!

Adrenaline Gift Ideas

An adrenaline gift is the ideal present for anybody who thrives on excitement and living life in the fast lane! It is also a terrific choice for someone who is motivated by a challenge or wants to try something different. GoneDigging offers a range of adrenaline gift experiences from classic extreme sports, such as white water rafting and bungee jumping, to fun social activities, such as tank paintballing and spy adventures. We also include more recently developed adrenaline gifts, including aqua sphereing and indoor skydiving.

Each gift experience is packed with exhilaration and paramount care is given to safety, so that you can concentrate on having fun! Below you will find further information about our most popular adrenaline adventures.

Skydiving Gift Experiences

A Tandem Skydive lets you enjoy all the fun of a 12,000ft parachute jump, but without the extensive training! Strapped to a qualified instructor, just jump out of the aeroplane and enjoy the adrenaline rush of a 7,000ft freefall at approximately 120mph! The instructor will then deploy the parachute and you can enjoy a calm float to safety with a stunning view.

We also offer Airkix Indoor Sky Dives, which take place in a vertical SkyVenture wind tunnel. These gift experiences provide a similar thrill to outdoor skydiving, but occur in a controlled environment, making these presents also suitable for children. Learn body flying techniques and enjoy two indoor flights, before taking home a DVD of your indoor skydive.

Bungee Jumping Gifts

Bungee jumping is one of the classic adrenaline gifts. We have a traditional 160ft Bungee Jump and a nerve-jangling 200ft Bridge Bungee Jump from the famous transporter bridge in Middlesbrough. If you would like to share your extreme sports experience with a loved one, why not try our Lovers Leap Bungee Jump? Securely attached together, you will enjoy the thrill of a 170ft jump, before toasting your accomplishment with a free small bottle of champagne.

Sphereing Adrenaline Gifts

The craze of Sphereing – also known as zorbing - continues to grow in popularity and involves being rolled down a hill inside a four metre inflatable ball at speeds of 30mph. Not only is it incredibly fun, it is guaranteed to get the adrenalin pumping, as it is not an activity present for the fainthearted! You can attempt Harness Sphereing for Two, or if you are feeling really adventurous, why not add thirty litres of water to the experience and try Aqua Sphereing?

White Water Rafting

White Water Rafting is the most exciting way to travel down a river! The rapids will ensure you have a very tough journey and the challenge to stay afloat will give you a thrilling ride. This present is a great idea for anybody who enjoys activity days or outdoor sports.

Shooting Gifts

Paintballing came to the UK as an executive event to help build teamwork within companies. It is now also a very popular social activity and we have made it even more exciting by introducing tanks! Tank Paintball is the ultimate combat experience and participants can drive the tank and aim the cannon, before pelting the opposing team with paint!

Become James Bond for the day with our Spy Academy gifts. Special Forces experts will show you how to handle weapons including a machine gun and sniper rifle, before training you in non-armed combat techniques. You will be shown top secret spy equipment, such as bugs, covert cameras and listening devices, and your spy day ends with axe-throwing and laser combat.

If you prefer individual shooting experiences, you could learn to Clay Pigeon Shoot from a fully qualified instructor. Hone your technique and learn about safety, before testing your aim as you attempt the art of clay pigeon shooting yourself.

Outdoor Adventure Gift Experiences

A popular forest activity is a Weekend Survival Camp. This survival adventure takes place in a stunning county estate and the camp features resources such as edible plants and broadleaf trees. Survival training includes the art of friction fire lighting, shelter building, navigation, constructing traps and alternative cooking methods. The instructors have experience of surviving in the Arctic and the jungle and they will teach you all you need to know about working with nature to survive.